Save $$ Your Next Trip to DFW


Hey ya’ll!

With the amount of traveling I’ve done this summer - parking at the airport has started to add up! Between the costs of the flight, checking in a bag, snacks and travel essentials the last thing you want to think about is spending crazy amounts of money on parking. Luckily, traveling in and out of DFW airport has been a breeze with their prepaid parking app! Since downloading the app it has saved me time and money.. let me tell you how!

Save serious cash:

  • DFW Prepaid Parking is always up to 50% off the cost of drive-up parking.

  • DFW Prepaid Parking often runs specials to help customers save even more than 50% off (Like this weekend!)

  • No unexpected surge pricing with Prepaid Parking!

  • Prepaid Terminal Parking is often cheaper than other forms of transportation to the airport.

Save time:

  • Park directly at DFW Airport and take advantage of the ideally situated Terminal parking spots. Save time with a short walk to your gate.

  • When you land back at DFW, your car is waiting for in the Terminal right outside your gate!

  • Reliability of Uber, Lyft, or cab on finding your location or other issues can prevent you from getting to your gate on time. With Prepaid Parking, you don’t have to rely on others to get you there.


Sounds great right?! And the best part is - it’s super easy to download and register your car. Head to your app store and download the “DFW Airport” app (it has an orange icon). Once you’ve downloaded it, you can sign up with a few easy steps and register your car in the process. There are two ways you can register your car - either link your Toll-Tag or get a QR Code and scan it when you arrive to the parking lot. (See photo!)

If app’s aren’t your thing - you can easily head to their website and get yourself set up there!

DFW Prepaid Parking

Interested? You better be! I have better news - they are running a special promotion for Labor Day! Check out the details down below.

Labor Day Weekend Promotion:

● Must book on Thursday, August 29th

● Price point: $9.99

● Minimum 48 hour stay

● Valid for travel through September 30

● Terminal Parking Only

Just make sure you schedule yourself an hour

prior to arriving and your stay must be 48 hours or more.

Happy and safe travels ya’ll!

(This post was sponsored by DFW International airport)