Packing Essentials from Amazon

You guys…The time is finally here. I am leaving for Italy! I have never been out of the country before, needless to say I am a little nervous! I read countless travel blogs on how to pack and where to even start packing. So now, it’s time to make one of my own!


I had a fellow travel blogger reach out to me on Instagram and we were chatting about Italy since she was recently just there. She had mentioned organization cubes! Honestly, I had no idea what she was referring to at first so to Amazon I went! I didn’t know what I was searching for at first, so I went to Amazon’s travel essential page and did some digging.

Holy moly, is there a lot of travel stuff out there. They have your typical pillows, chargers, shoe bags, wallets and bags. The first item I added to my cart was a wallet. I wasn’t sure about purchasing another wallet, since I have a ton (lets be real!) However, this wallet seemed to have everything I needed for traveling abroad. It’s a pretty decent size so I don't have to worry about it taking to much room in my bag, which is important! If you recall - I mention making sure you pack light for your trips in my last post about Packing For Disney! This wallet allows me to pack my passport, cards, ID, money and ticket all in one spot.

The next item I added to my list was an anti-theft bag. I’ve heard about these types of bags and how useful they can be. What’s the point of an Anti-Theft bag? Keeping your stuff safe of course! The Anti-Theft bags pretty much hide the zippers, placing them on the back of the bag and having a fold over on the sides. Therefor, making it very difficult for people to get into your bag. I wanted to purchase something that was not so noticeable that I had an Anti-Theft bag and trendy at the same time. I came across this adorable waterproof nylon backpack in multiple colors. I wound up purchasing the large tan bag. It fits everything including my camera AND my laptop! Italy does not have a lot of crime, but pick pocketing and bag stealing is common, I will note.


Something that I am getting used to is bringing a suitcase as a carry-on. I normally stash everything in my big suitcase and call it a day. However, being in Europe for almost two weeks, I need to bring extra things with me! So I have my big suitcase with majority of my clothes & accessories in it and then I have my carry-on bag. I’m putting extra outfits and small TSA approved beauty products, just in case my luggage gets lost I have backup. Better to be safe than sorry! For both my carry on and big suit case I purchased three clear toiletry bags. They are light and easy to clean if anything spills.

Now, what type of packer are you? Do you roll, throw in or have the organizing cubes that I mentioned earlier? Before I purchased the cubes, I was totally team throw in (guilty!) I am also guilty of packing at the last minute and not really organizing what the heck I pack. I was really unsure about these cubes because for one, how could I fit all that I needed for two weeks in these tiny bags? Easy. The roll method! The set that I got came with 7 cubes. So I organized my tops, pants, dresses and undergarments separately from one another. Pictured to the left you can see a few of them stuff with my clothing. Now, the quote is super silly, but you know what? I kind of like it! Traveling definitely allows you to have a colorful life! If you don’t like this particular color/quote there are about hundreds of pages on Amazon of these organization cubes. You’ll for sure find one that strikes your fancy!

Now, being back from my trip I can hands down say that these cubes helped tremendously. I went on a Tauck tour, and if you’re unfamiliar with them, you travel from place to place, so you’re constantly on the move. When I first arrived to Italy my bag was perfectly organized, and by the time we were in our 3rd hotel my luggage looked like a bomb went off inside (I should have taken an “after” photo). However, when it was time to pack to go home, it took all of 20 minutes to get my stuff collected and ready to go. Obviously, I bought stuff while I was there, and these bags allowed me to not only re-pack quickly, but it created space for items that I had purchased on my travels.

I 10/10 would recommend investing in these cubes. I paid about $20 USD for these and quite frankly, I think I got my moneys worth! I will be traveling to New York City in July (maybe Austin too!) and I will for sure be using these on my next travels! Below are my affiliate links with Amazon. You can shop everything that I talked about above. I will state, if you purchase anything through these links, I do get a small commission! #Bloggerlife.

Fun Fact: When I left for Italy my luggage was 44 pounds, I came back at it was 66 pounds.. Yikes. That was an awesome fee to pay.. LOL.

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