Mental Health Check

Hi friends!

I am so excited to share with you the rebranding of my blog. It’s been a work in progress but I am beyond happy with the way everything came together. For those who are new here, I started blogging back in 2013 as a creative outlet. I loved fashion, crafting and of course traveling so I thought to myself.. why not start a blog? Throughout the years I’ve shared what I wear, where I’ve traveled to, what I’m baking, life stories and my next craft project.

I am so beyond blessed to be at a point in my life where I can focus my time and energy on something that truly makes me happy. Over the last year I’ve kept saying to myself “I wish I had more time to dedicate to this blog” because it kept getting pushed to the back burner and it was really the only thing that kept me sane.


Since I began blogging, my main goal was to always be as authentic with you as I could be. Depending when our paths have crossed, you’ve probably met two different sides of me. Whoa, you’re probably thinking what the heck is this girl about to drop on us (LOL). I go through phases where I am on top of the world. I am happy, I am confident, I am at peace. When I moved to Texas in 2017 that’s the phase I was in. I loved life. Absolutely loved life. I was in a great place with my career at this point. Over the five years of working my butt off, I was finally seeing the results of the blood, sweat and tears (literally). I was also working out about five days a week. I was even running! Me? A runner? Who knew! I hated it, but loved it at the same time. If you met me during this time, I was radiating. I felt like I cracked the code to life and I was living.

Fast forward to this past Fall, that’s when things started to decline. I can’t tell you what specifically triggered this decline of my mental health, but it was not fun. Within the eight months, I gained 40 pounds. I never was a stress eater, but oh goodness.. did I become one. I became irritable, angry, anxiety ridden and unhappy with everything. I’ve always had a sleeping problem, but it got to the point where I was getting maybe 3-4 hours of sleep night. I stopped working out because of how exhausted I was, and I was eating like garbage to try and find some sort of energy to keep me going.

If you’ve met me over the course of the last few months, I am sorry! The person I have been is not me but, I am working on it. Slowly. I am surrounding myself with people and things that make me a better person and slowly trying to get back into working out. I am really not one to talk about mental health, mainly because I’ve always been a very go with the flow type of person (and happy), but I feel like I’m not alone when it comes to this and I want people to feel like they have someone to relate to.

With May being mental health awareness month, I put together a list of 10 things that help me feel a little better. Try some of these out! My favorite one would have to be #8, I love flowers! Specifically peonies. What is your guilty pleasure when you’re not feeling your best?

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