Packing the BEST Disney bag

What you bring into the park on your next Disney adventure will make or break your trip! Being a season park hopper, your girl is about to deliver the do's and don'ts of what to put in your bag. 

Let's start with picking a backpack! Of course, you'll want to pick something cute and "Insta worthy" but let's be real.. Florida is hot. Having the cutest backpack might not be ideal when you've got to carry this on your back all day in the heat! My go to pick is something light weight and has supporting straps so your back doesn't break mid trip! 

Now that you've got your light weight backpack picked out.. let's start packing it! The key is to pack light. The lighter the better really. Remember, it's hot. Something that I always have on me, is hand sanitizer! Now, without taking up space inside your bag, get a portable hand sanitizer holder to stick on one of your straps. Ideally Disney theme, duh!

Since we are on the subject of being clean.. you'll most definitely need wipes. I like to keep on hand a pack of Wet Ones just in case! Now I know since we have hand sanitizer already strapped to our backs.. there are just some messes that wipes will handle better. Just imagine you're sitting on the curb of Main Street U.S.A eating your Mickey head shaped ice cream and don don don, it starts dripping! Ya'll these Wet Ones will be your BFF

Now, before I move onto anything else.. to help make more room in your bag, ziplock baggies will also be your BFF! Separating your items by specific needs in ziplock bags will help not only create more space in your bag, but help keep you organized. 

Okay, moving on! Ya'll know I can't go anywhere without my tissues.. So I most definitely throw about two small packs into my bag. Adding to that make sure you pack some chapstick, sunscreen, deodorant, Advil, TUMS (or Pepto!) and hair scrunchies. You can easily find these in small sizes in the travel section of your local grocery store.

So fun fact, Disney has water stations for you to fill up your bottles. So starting right now, you will never need to spend $4.00 on a water bottle again! Now you're probably thinking your water bottle will be super heavy for your bag right? Wrong! Ya'll these collapsible water bottles are brilliant. They are light weight and when you're done with them, squish them up and toss it in your bag! 

I linked two of my favorites I found on Amazon for you. 

Remember.. the lighter the better! 

Now, the very last thing that is a Disney bag must.. a charger! I don't know about ya'll but I take SO many pictures while I'm in Disney. You can't ever have enough pictures of Cinderella's castle! 

I always keep this little guy in my bag just in case your phone decides it's over the heat! It's so small that you can fit it really anywhere in your backpack. 

What are your go to items for your Disney bag? I'm sure the list could go on and on, but I like to try and keep it light so I can purchase some goodies in the park! 

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Happy Park Hopping Ya'll! 

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