Amazon Organizer Hack!

The blog is back and better than ever! I am so excited for the re-launch of my blog y’all you have no idea. Now that I am a “full time blogger” I am pumped to start investing much needed time into making this worth everyones while.

So if you follow me on Instagram, the other day I posted a few things about what I recently purchased from Amazon on my stories. I had SO many of you message me about the earring holder, I was surprised! I bought this on a whim because my earrings are taking over my necklace stand, and I wanted them to be in their own spot away from all the chaos. The big statement earring trend is in and I am here for it. That being said, I have accumulated a ton of earrings.. I mean a ton. (not literally, but you know what I mean) So I went ahead and started looking for jewelry organizers on Amazon, and low and behold there was pages upon pages. I wasn’t quite sure what on earth I wanted, all I knew was that it needed to have space where they were not overlapping each other. I came across a few like this, but the reviews were all over the place. I LOVE looking at clients pictures, and it just seemed like there would not be enough space. Adorable, but not practical.

UNTIL, I came across this beauty of an organizer. I like to call it my earring “garage”. The first picture of the three is how my jewelry had been organized.. Yikes, right?! My earrings, necklaces and belts were all combined together and it was chaos! Thanks to our friend Amazon, I was blown away at this little organizer. It comes in a few different colors, which I was totally tempted to get. But, I went with the more practical color because lime green sometimes doesn’t match everything.. ;) The hanging organizer has a total of 80 slots! YES, 80. To be honest I totally did not even realize there was a back to this product. (Remember when you were in school, taking a test, and you thought you were done until you turned over the page?! Totally how I felt with this) There is 40 slots in the front, and 40 in the back. All of the slots are the same size except the last row, is just a smidgen bigger. BEST news of all.. it was only $10! In my opinion, definitely worth the investment.

If you are wondering.. YES, I am totally using the back as well. I stashed my bracelets and my cleaning cloths on the back side since it didn’t look as appealing as all the colored earrings did. I am currently using a Command Medium Designer Hook to hang the organizer. This hook specifically holds up to 3 pounds (sometimes more if you are lucky). Side note… the golden trays and necklace display I have pictured; I did buy from Amazon as well! I purchased it back in 2017 so this one here is the most current and closest to it.

Ya’ll purchasing this organizer was exactly what I needed to help get myself a little more organized. Now, have you found anything life changing on Amazon? Let’s chat in the comments section below! Don’t forget you can pin onto Pinterest the graphic below!

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