Slimsation Pants

We’ve all been there before - finding a pair of pants that makes us look and feel good seems like the ultimate challenge, am I right? I can’t even begin to tell you how many pants I try on before I actually commit to buying something. My favorite situation is when you think you finally found a great pair of pants and you get home and they fit completely different than they did in the store! Crazy right? Well, let me tell you - I’m about to end all of that hassle for you because Slimsation pants are where it’s at!

Slimsation pants are designed to make you feel 10 pounds lighter in seconds! (Don’t you wish it was that simple to lose weight?!) Not only do they offer you a comfortable slimming style but they have a flexible tummy control panel built right in. At first I was concerned about the tummy panel because I’ve experienced getting stomach aches from the bands being to restricted before (true story!) But luckily for me the pants fall at just the right spot on my body where I don’t have to worry about tummy aches.

Worried about variety? Don’t worry - Slimsation offers you pants/leggings for literally every occasion. No need to make a silly excuse not to go somewhere because you “can’t find anything to wear” ;) They offer anywhere from full length pants, capri’s and my favorite - leggings! I already have a pair of leggings stashed away for the holiday times ya’ll. . . I want to be comfortable but I don’t want to sacrifice my style! Next time you need a little wardrobe update - I highly suggest grabbing a pair of pants from Slimsation! Happy shopping ya’ll!

Sarah Calvelli