Will Workout For Gym Clothes

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anyone ever feel like they are in a constant rollercoaster battle with working out? Don't worry, you're not alone! I go through these phases where I literally will have 0 motivation, or I become obsessed with working out and make it a 5/7 day commitment. Right now I am in the obsessed phase, but not by choice.

I've been dealing with stomach issues the past couple months and I basically forced myself to get back into shape. Feeling like garbage is no way to live your life, especially when a huge part of your job is putting your best foot forward everyday! (Shout out to all my Ann Inc. people) It was getting to a point where I would spend every ten minutes in the bathroom (TMI, I know), but imagine trying to run a store and staff members while you're consistently in the bathroom!? Difficult, that's what it was. So a few months ago back in July, I forced myself to get back in shape and start eating right. I cut out literally everything. Breakfast I would have egg whites and an avocado. Lunch was mainly quinoa and grilled chicken and dinner was something small that consisted of lots of greens. Snacks were strictly fruit and veggies. The first three weeks I cut out all carbs, dairy (yes, cheese too) and all processed foods.

I started noticing my stomach issues were getting under control and I felt a significant amount of bloating had disappeared. So slowly I started introducing different foods back into my diet, and the rest is history! So far I have lost 20 pounds and I plan on keeping it that way.

These pictures were taken exactly a year apart from one another! 
Look at those triceps #yasssgirl. 

One thing that has made me stay motivated is the workout gear. No surprise there, right? Anything for clothing I suppose! With fitness being so big right now, so many companies have moved their sense of fashion into the gym. Since it's nearly impossible to look cute while sweating, your outfit will be a distraction of the hot mess self you face every workout. If you don't look like a hot mess after your session, you had a crappy workout (sorry, not sorry!)

While there are so many different places to purchase workout gear from, I'd have to say my favorite place is Old Navy (Kate Spade coming in a close second, but let's be economical here). Not only is their quality of clothing amazing, their prices are even better! You can get a whole outfit (sneakers not included) for under $50. That sound like a bargain to me! Check out my favorite pieces from this past active wear collection below.

Whether you are just starting, or you are fully committed to working out, treat yourself once in a while to something cute! Your gym selfies will thank you for it!

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