Sunday, October 16, 2016

So I know I talk about Fall shoes a lot, but I must squeak in my second favorite Fall detail.. Nail polish! 9/10 times I have some sort of dark polish on, and Fall is the perfect excuse to go even darker.  My favorites? Black, Navy, Gold and Burgundy. Black is my number one go to for really any season! It's classy and matches everything. Essie has hands down my favorite black; licorice. In general I tend to gravitate towards all Essie colors. The quality is great and chances are I can always find a color I could see myself wearing. 

At the moment, I am currently wearing "Mochacino". It's a cool gray color with a little hint of shimmer. This polish is super versatile with any outfit, which is wonderful because my outfits are never the same!

Below are some of my favorites of this 2016 season, check them out! 

O.P.I ($10) CIA (Color Is Awesome) // Smith and Cult ($18) Opaque Rose Gold Foil // Yves Saint Laurent ($25) Jaune Babouche // Essie ($9) Chubby Cheeks // Dior ($27) Skyline // Essie ($9) Mochacino // 

SO many colors not enough nails! 

What are your go to colors for the Fall season? Feel free to drop a comment below! 

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