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Thursday, October 13, 2016

At the beginning of the month I told myself I was going to behave and cut back on my shopping.. I was doing okay, until we escaped to the west coast during the hurricane and I discovered the mall in Sarasota. I bought a few necessities, like underwear, leggings, something to travel back home in because I did not pack accordingly.. Also, does a Kate Spade watch count as a necessity? I'm pretty sure it does, I mean how else would I know the time? It's not like I have my phone in my hand 24/7 or something.. (lol)

Other than that little oops splurge, I've been doing pretty well.. up until yesterday when I walked into a shoe lovers dream that is DSW. I am terrible. 0 days since money was spent on clothing and or shoes. American Express loves me.. but it works out in my favor since I get points that pay for flights. Who doesn't love free flights? #ExtraRoomSeats 

As I scoot through the isles I see many, many, many, boots that I could see living in my closet. But since I can't take all of them home (sad), I settled on a pair of Chelsea boots from Steve Madden. If you've been following my blog from the beginning, you know I am a huge Steve Madden fan (sponsor me already, yes?!). I love the quality of the shoes, and quite frankly, I've never had an issue with the fit or prices. My fashion tip to you is sometimes it's okay to spend a little more on shoes. You want them to be good quality, and if you're constantly buying new boots or heels every 3 months, you might as well have spent it on a more expensive pair right? Quality > everything! 

Besides the Steve Madden boots I came home with, there were certainly many runner ups! Below are my top favorites from my last visit, and I even added the links for easy shopping.. Enjoy!

I purchased a size 9.5 in these booties, which is my average shoe size! They run pretty similar to all of his other shoes. I wore them to work today and they did not give me any issues! 10/10 for these cuties! 

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