Peep Toe Save and Splurge

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October 1st everyone! My favorite month of the year has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier. Lots of exciting things will be coming to the blog this month so keep an eye out! To celebrate the first of the month I'm doing a save verses splurge post about my new favorite shoes.

Not long ago, I stopped into Nordstrom during one of their annual sales. I decided to check out the shoe department, not being very optimistic due to the fact that no one ever carries cute shoes in big sizes. I was looking around the 9.5 size section and I noticed these adorable peep toe booties from Steve Madden. I quickly grabbed them and noticed they were only a size 9. Ugh! They were so cute it was a must that I try these on. I squeezed my foot into them and surprisingly enough they fit! Yes. Finally, I snagged a cute bootie to wear to work. Also - side note 98% of my shoes are from Steve Madden, it's like he knows my foot.

Anyways, I had an associate go look for the partner for me so I could purchase my new babies. She came back about five minutes later with terrible news.. She couldn't find the other pair. Seriously? Seriously. It was nowhere to be found. She told me that she would keep looking for it and not to give up hope. About 15 minutes later she herself was nowhere to be found.. So I gave up, took the name of the shoe down and went on my way.

I was so bummed I didn't walk out of there with them but when I got home I did some detective work. I found that Macy's had them for even cheaper than Nordstrom did. Perfect. It took about a week but I finally received them! Here they are:

So beautiful. They are currently sold out on Macy's website but Dillard's has them for $99.99.

Since I am so in love with the peep toe bootie I decided to pick my top three favorites for three different budgets. Take a look below..

Forever 21: $34.90

TJ Maxx: $69.99

Tory Burch: $375.00

A peep toe makes the perfect transition piece from work to play. Keep at least one of these shoes in your closet and you will be set for the fall and all it's festivities. What's your favorite shoe for fall? Let me know in the comment section below! Don't forget to "Like" Simplicity, in mind on Facebook