April ELLE Finds

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Every month I like to treat myself to at least one new magazine, whether it's fashion, crafts or home decor. This month I decided to purchase ELLE magazine, featuring Shailene Woodley on the cover. I normally don't purchase ELLE that often, however when I found out Shai was going to be featured this month, buying it was a must! I am a huge fan of Woodley herself. Not only is she an incredible actress, but she's so in touch with herself, it's truly inspiring. Every time I see her in a new movie, or  a new magazine spread, I am always inspired to be a better person, for myself. I don't want to spoil the article for you, because it definitely is an interesting read... So if you're a Woodley fan like I am, it's totally worth investing in this months ELLE magazine!

Each time I purchase a new magazine, I like to go through and pick out my favorite items. This month I decided to share my finds with you! I created a list of items that were in a wide price range. There's so many to pick from I had a hard time narrowing it down! Take a look for yourself below:

1. Forever21 (Page 210) || 2. Matt Bernson (Page 179) || 3. Echo Design (Page 212) || 4. Banana Republic (Page 198) || Aritzia (Page 152) || Giles and Brother (Page 214) 

You're probably thinking.. "that's all she found?!" Oh no, don't worry, there were a ton of other items I found and wanted to add to this list. However, when I went to find them online to give you a source, I couldn't find majority of the items anywhere. Most likely the items have sold out since the article was written.

These six pieces are probably something that you would find in my closet. I am a sucker for graphic tees and cute sandals, so one and two were a must. I added three because I am currently in love with this look... they are skinny scarfs and you wear them around your neck, or in your hair. Perfect example: Steven Tyler, he wears a ton of these skinny scarfs.. so 1970's! The faux full skirt is something I am getting use too. I've come to realize full skirts look really good on my body type and it's time to start investing in more! Number five is a simple but fashionable bralette from Aritizia. It's perfect for those oversized tank tops you'll be wearing this summer! Last, the rings. These are an easy accessory to mix into your outfit.  

I hope this has inspired you to take a deeper look into the next magazine you read, and really find things that can make your wardrobe a little better!

Till next time,
Sarah Anne