Pinterest Under $100.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hi readers! I have been super busy lately, hence the lack of updates. I recently got a new job back at the Loft as a Sales Lead (in a different location, obviously). I am super happy to have this opportunity in management with a company I adore. So because of that, I have really put my blog on the last of my priority list (for now). But once things settle down I will continue to update as much as I can!

So anyways, I'm assuming most of my readers are on Pinterest.. if not, what are you waiting for?! You know that really big board that is labeled "Dream Closet" that we all have? Well, you can totally afford it. Here's why: You do not need to get the same exact thing to get results you want. My Pinterest motto right there. Throughout the years of having a Pinterest, I have come across pieces I needed, and pieces that I wanted. Sometimes the items aren't available to purchase anymore, which face it, happens A LOT. So what do you do when you see an outfit you totally need to own? Start researching!

Recently, I bought a navy and white polka dotted blouse that I absolutely fell in love with. It totally was one of those on the spot, I need this in my closet buys. However, I got home and had nothing to wear it with. Yeah, I could throw some jeans with it and cute white shoes and call it a day. But where's the fun in that? That's when I headed over to Pinterest. I looked up "Navy and White Polka Dots" and tons of results came up. These were my favorites:

1. I love polka dots, so both of these were already winners.
2. I would have never thought of putting navy and mustard together!

I love both of these looks, and it really got me thinking that I could create my own "Pinterest Outfit".

So I went ahead and did some research on where to find anything mustard. My first thought was Forever 21. They're known for having all sorts of colors in their clothing. I couldn't find anything that was interesting, until I found this light weight cardigan for 15 bucks! Bingo. I was going to purchase it online, but something made me hold off. The following day I took a quick trip to the mall and headed to F21. I searched and almost gave up.. but then as I was walking out I found the cardigan! It was exactly what I was looking for, and the color was perfect too.

So today, I went ahead and put my whole Pinterest look together. Here is the ending result.. Obviously I had to throw in my coffee in the picture.. Wouldn't be blog worthy without it! In total I believe my whole outfit cost well under $100.

Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory store $79.99, then an additional 40% off.

Cardigan: Forever 21 $14.90, purchase here.

Cheetah flats: Target (No longer available, however J.Crew factory has similar ones)

Necklace: Loft last season. Don't be afraid to recycle old pieces!

Pants: Old Navy $17.97, purchase here.

I love looking for Pinterest for inspiration. But there are some things I like to keep in mind while on there. One thing for sure, budget. For me, at times I definitely get discouraged because a lot of bloggers have sponsors and have made their way to afford expensive items. But that's okay! I can find what I need for cheaper and help my readers out! Another thing I like to keep in mind - Be yourself. Imitation is flattering. But you want to be your own person and find what suits you and your needs.

I can't wait to do another Pinterest under $100 for you guys! Have any Pinterest inspired outfits? Find me on Instagram @S_CAL and hashtag #SimplyPinterest, I would love to see what you come up with!

Till next time,

Gift Guide: For The Girls

Sunday, February 1, 2015

To start off the new month right, I created a Valentine's Day gift guide for all the ladies! Whether you're shopping for your best friend, girlfriend, or mother, I added something for everyone! 
All these gifts are versatile for the picky people in your life. Who doesn't need a cute metallic clutch to hold their nail polish? What about the coffee lovers out there.. Urban Outfitters has you covered! Check out the list above, and shop below!

1. Kate Spade Love Birds Wink Clutch
2. Alex and Ani Blush Bohemian Jewel Wrap
5. LUSH Heart Throb
7. J. Crew Factory Metallic Crackle Pouch

If you are stuck on gifts, I always suggest getting a puppy. Puppies are always a good idea ;)

How are you spending your Valentine's Day? Comment below!