Wish List Wednesday

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's up Wednesday! Here to take on hump day with a little blog post. I haven't done a "Wish List Wednesday" in a while.. But since Spring is around the corner (closer for us Florida folks) I decided to go ahead and create a list of items I currently want in my closet. You can shop all these items below! 

1. Spikey Firefly necklace from J.Crew - $55.00 Shop here

2. BKR water bottle - $30.00 Shop here

3. Venice Beach watch from Flex Watches - $40.00 Shop here
Okay all my Millionaire Matchmaker fans.. this look familiar to you? It should! The CEO of Flex Watches was on the show a couple weeks ago. I googled and found the website to them.. super inexpensive and they go towards a great cause.

4. The Classic from Palm Beach Sandals - $110.00 Shop here

5. Sylus Sneaker from Kate Spade - $178.00 Shop here

6. Friendship bracelet from Kate Spade - $38.00 Shop here

There you have it! I've been peeking around websites and seeing all the new items companies have gotten. What are some items on your wish list? Have you spotted some trends in the stores yet? I would love to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email! 

Till next time,

Quilted Puffer Vest

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recently, I invested in a puffer vest from J.Crew. Needless to say, I am obsessed! I have been eyeing puffer vests for a while now when I discovered the trend on Pinterest. Now, this is more of a fall look.. but since the weather in Florida has been over 75 degrees the past few weeks, it's been hard to break this out!

I have also been trying to step out of my comfort zone and mixing patterns. Believe it or not, it's easier than you think! For beginners (like me) start with patterns that have a common color. For example, the lines in my undershirt are black as well as the squares on the vest. That way when I walk out the door, I don't feel like I got dressed in the dark! In the future I plan on expanding my pattern pallet and exploring new things!

My outfit is a little basic due to the fact that I only have one layer! Like I stated earlier - it's really hard to wear more than two shirts here in Florida. As much as I would like to throw on a chambray shirt under this.. I would sweat to death!

How do you mix patterns? What is your favorite type of patterns to mix together? I would love to hear from you! Comment in the comments section below to tell me your ideas! Don't forget to subscribe by email so you can get new posts directly to your mail box!

Here is a list of all the items I have in the picture, so you can grab them too!

J.Crew vest (Similar here.) // Pearl Necklace Loft Outlet (Similar here) // Black Loft Pants last season (Similar at J.Crew here) // Kate Spade watch (Similar without gold here) // Old Navy Pull over (exact here)   

Till next time,

Feelin' Fancy

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Sunday readers! At the end of every weekend, I like to reflect on what happened during the weekend with a little blogging. Friday, my boyfriend and I went touring through the Flagler Museum and headed over to the Breakers for lunch. One of my favorite activities to do is to go through old mansions. I am such a sucker for old architect. I could honestly spend hours touring old homes and would never get bored.

Long story short - this was a gift for Henry Flagler's THIRD wife. She wanted a marble mansion.. and a marble mansion is what she got. There is approximately 55 rooms in the mansion and during the tour you get to see half of them. Mr. Flagler was a smart man and found ways to save money on such an extravagant house They had parties and gatherings in the house that you could only dream of. To learn more about the Flager mansion check out their website!

Since our activities that day required us to dress a little nicer - I went ahead and grabbed my favorite blazer I own. I recently purchased this blazer a few weeks ago over at Ann Taylor Loft. Before I left we received this and I regretted not buying it for the longest time. Recently I've had an obsession with the color burgundy and this was clearly a must have in my closet.. 

Along with this blazer I paired a simple white sheer tank top from Banana Republic. I also got this on sale while they were doing 60% off clearance! Look for sales people, you never know what you can find! 

Lately, I have been getting into the accessory spirit with adding as much as I can onto my wrists. Personally, I feel like every outfit isn't complete without a wrist party! I start with my watch and add on from there. Kate Spade watch, Alex and Ani bracelet and Swarovski bracelet. 

Hope everyone's weekend went well! Lets bring in the new week right by picking out our outfits the night before so we can be a little more prepared! 

Till next time,

Liebster Award

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wow, 2015 is off to a positive start! A huge thanks to Staffordable, for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This award is made by bloggers for bloggers. How it works - Once you are nominated you answer the 11 questions that you have been asked, and then tag another 11 NEW bloggers (They must have under 1,000 followers). You can make up your own 11 questions or recycle some that you were given. It's a great way to find out more about the writer of the blog, and find new blogs to read! I've already tracked back a few blogs and found some great bloggers! Here are all 11 questions I have to answer:

When did you start blogging and why? - I started blogging July of 2013 out of curiosity. I've always had a thing for social media and this was a part I wasn't really involved in. As I got more into Instagram and Pinterest, I came across so many blogs and thought to myself, I should start something! So I started with reviewing items I would get online, along with simple DIY projects. 

How did you come up with your blog name? - Oh, I've had like three different names prior to this.. I started with "Out of the Box" and "Sarah Anne's Closet". None of those really fit what I wanted for my blog. To me, they weren't something I felt people would remember, so randomly I came up with "Simplicity, in mind". I am a simple person. I am not materialistic, I don't need a lot of things to make me happy. I feel a lot of people should live that way, hence "Simplicity, in mind". Keep it simple people! :)

What’s your favourite thing to wear in your closet? - Is leggings an okay answer? Hehe.. No but really I am a member of the "Leggings for Pants Club". They're comfortable and you can wear them however you want (if they fit appropriately). Other than that I have my olive green military jacket I got from Loft a few months back that has really been my staple piece. It's so diverse, I wear it with everything! 

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Probably Pizza straight from New York City! 

Other than blogging, what is a hobby you pursue? Shopping, duh! Shopping is SO a hobby, don't ever let people tell you it's not! But if I can't pick shopping it would be crafting. I have several crafts going on right now. I am such a scatter brain, I can't pick just one! 

What is your biggest pet peeve? Inpatient people. I can't begin to explain how much this bothers me. I have been told I have patients of a saint, and I am very proud of that. I have been working in retail since I was 16 and have learned the ins and outs of keeping my cool. I believe if people learned to relax the world would be a much better place. 

What is the best thing that has happened to you in you life to date? That's a tough question. I've been blessed with the life I live. I have absolutely nothing to complain about (even though at times I do) But in reality, I have had so many great moments it would be impossible for me to pick one! 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? Hopefully settled down and raising three kids. I love kids and cannot wait to be a mom and have my own family. I totally want to be one of those room moms and do crafts all the time. (I can dream right?)

What are your favourite 3 stores? Loft, J.Crew and Kate Spade! 

Where is somewhere you would like to travel to? Everywhere! I have a bad case of Wanderlust. Italy, Greece, Australia, you name it, I want to go. 

What is the best thing you have blogged about so far? I recently did a transformation on my closet and it was by far my favorite thing I blogged about. I loved seeing where I started to where I ended. 

Woo! All finished. Now, here are my 11 nominations. Good luck and congrats everyone! Keep it going:

Here are your questions ladies:

1. How did you come up with your blogs name?
2. What made you decide to start blogging?
3. Who is your fashion inspiration?
4. Who would you want to be your celebrity best friend and why?
5. If you had one week to live, what would you be doing?
6. Any guilty pleasures? 
7. If you had one store to shop in the rest of your life, what would it be?
8. What is your favorite outfit at the moment? (Post picture if you can!)
9. Best concert you have ever been to?
10. Any bad habits you would like to kick for the new year?
11. What is the most inspirational book you have read, or movie you have watched?

I am super excited to see what everyone comes up with! 

Keep it simple,

Closet Transformation

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Years! This will be my first post of the new year, and it's such a positive one in fact! For the next year, I have set goals for myself to live a healthier life, be more positive and have my blog take off. I've had this blog for about two years now. Only the past year though, I have been really active. Blogging is something I really enjoy, and I can see myself going far with this. So here's to a new year and a fresh start!

Since moving to Florida back in November, I have set goals for myself to become more "DIY" and live more like a "Pinterest" girl would. I am such a Pinterest junkie and I find myself feeling so inspired every time I log on. I started Pinterest-ing* my closet first. Below you can see the massive bomb that clearly went off during my move.

Chaos. Absolute chaos. In my New Jersey home, I was blessed to have a big closet that I accumulated so much junk and unnecessary items. I did some cleaning out prior to moving, but majority of it came with me to Florida.

I was so obsessed with creating my dream closet I became overwhelmed with ideas. See, that's the bad thing about Pinterest. You find tons and tons of ideas, you really don't know where to begin. Whoever designed the closet originally, wasn't thinking of using the spaces potential. So it was up to me to take on that task.

SO much better! First off, I cleaned out all the boxes and created three piles; garbage, donate and Plato's closet. It's super important to find a local charity or organization to take your clothes to. My family normally gives to Lupus. You can schedule when and where they can pick up the items at your convenience! They take a ton of worn items so don't worry about it being in tiptop shape. I also go to Plato's closet a lot. If they like what you have they will pay you! It's not much, but it's more money than you had before going in! I am also on Poshmark. It's a mobile thrift store right on your phone! My user name is "scalvelli" find me! 

After I sorted my items I began rearranging my tanks, jackets and jeans. I have my clothes set up from tanks, short sleeves to long sleeves. The tiniest organization goes a long way. I also came up with an idea of using one of the blank walls as a "dress" wall. I have many maxi dresses and they unfortunately don't fit on the other wrack. 

I bought a cheap $40 cube organizer from Target to put my scarves and miss matching stuff into. I bought a cheap mirror along with some jewelry trays from Target and J.Crew. I purchased an old school hat hanger from Amazon! It was a simple DIY task and it was so inexpensive. I'm currently hanging my long necklaces and bracelets on it! 

I am so happy with the way my closet came out! I cannot wait to tackle on the task of redoing my room! I suggest to all my readers - shop at Target, TJ Maxx and Michael's. You can find inexpensive things that will make your rooms Pinterest like! 

Here are all the items you can find in my closet I used to spiff it up:
Dot decals - Target (not currently online)

This was so exciting to accomplish and I am so happy I get to share it with everyone! Keep an eye out for new posts this new year!

Keep it simple,
xx Sarah Anne

*Pinterest-ing - a word I clearly made up.