Worth Ave Visit

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hey readers! I took a quick trip down Worth Ave, and snapped some pictures. I just wanted to share with you the beauty of the holiday decorations! Worth Ave is equivalent to Fifth Ave in New York City. Obviously not as big, but since we're so far away from the City, it's so nice to have something special like it! One of my favorite activities during the holiday season is to look at window displays. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be at the opening of Bergdorf Goodman's window display. They had a DJ, and everything! It was basically a mini party, and the head honcho herself, Linda Fargo was there as well. 

Take a look at a few pictures I took!

Tiffany's windows are always my favorite! I look forward to seeing what they come up with every year. Their display's are like their product, simple and elegant. They don't put to much in their display because they really want to showcase their product! 

Island Company has the best quote!

Lastly, the beautiful tree! 

Happy holiday's everyone! Keep checking back, I will have more blog posts coming up before Christmas!

xx Sarah Anne 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Friday, December 19, 2014

Readers, Christmas is less than a week away! Are you done with your shopping yet? Don't worry me either! Slowly but surely we will get through this holiday season together! I've been using a few of the tips I wrote on my previous post to help me keep organized. 

My parents have always gone above and beyond to make sure our Christmas mornings were something to remember. As a little kid, my mom would sprinkle confetti around our presents and the tree to make believe Santa was "walking" around. Believe it or not, I still have tiny pieces of confetti in my stocking from when I was younger! Do you have any special traditions with your family? I would love to hear about it below! 

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is always finding out what's in my stocking. Of course as I got older, the contents of my stocking change. Through the years, it was tiny cute tchotchke* stuff that weren't much of a necessity, however now it's a different story!  My mom always fills them with items that are useful to a girls every day life. 

Below I created a little guide to help get you inspired for your best friend or daughter! 

1. Essie Nail Polish and Sally Hansen Clear Polish
2. J.Crew Elastic Hair Tie Pack - $12.50
3. EOS Lip Balm - $3.29
4. J.Crew Factory Cleansing Towelettes - $6.00
5. Neutrogena Make Up Remover  - $5.99 (Target)
6. EOS Hand Lotion - $1.99
7. J.Crew Factory Pocket Datebook - $12.00
8. LUSH Butterbear Bath Bomb - $4.95

Awesome idea's right? Majority of the items listed above are pretty necessary in our every day lives. Every girl needs a light pink nail polish in my opinion. It's classy and timeless. I added the clear topping with it because a girl can never have enough of these! (For some reason, I tend to lose mine a lot)

Lately I have been hooked to the cotton elastic hair ties. I use them everyday and I have tons floating around my bathroom. They don't add creases to your hair, and they're pretty cute to even wear on your wrist! 

I love EOS products. They work, and they look good. Simple enough!

I have always been a firm believer of cleaning my phone after coming home from a night out or being in the city. When I discovered these towelettes from J.Crew, I immediately bought them. The package is tiny enough to carry around in your purse for whenever you need them. If you wear any type of make up - it tends to come off on your phone. Give your phone a quick wipe with these and you're good to go! 

The make up remover is a must as well. No need to explaining why we need these, now do I?!

The datebook is something cute and easy to add into your stocking. If your friend or daughter likes to keep organized, throw this in there! It'll act like a tiny notebook!

Last, the LUSH Butterbear bomb adds the perfect holiday flair. It smells and looks good! Plus - all of their products are organic!

You obviously can substitute brands to make it a little cheaper - whatever floats your boat! (Or should I say, whatever floats your wallet) All of the items I listed above have come at exactly $50. If you ask me, it's fifty dollars well spent. These items are something we use pretty much on a daily basis! Your friends and daughters will thank you!

Keep it simple!
xx Sarah Anne 

(*Tchotchke -A small piece of worthless crap, a decorative knick knack with little or no purpose. Aka a word I use A LOT.)

10 Tips for the Holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

As I sit here and write this post, I realize that the holiday's are quickly approaching and I have not done a single thing. Yet again. It seems to be a reoccurring theme for me to procrastinate my holiday shopping! However, procrastinating hasn't been such a bad thing - I've created some tips that keep me organized during the hectic holiday season! Check it out below..

1. Create a specific email for shopping.
- By creating a separate email account it allows you to keep track of your purchases. In most stores, they ask if you want a hard copy or an emailed receipt or both. By having this extra account it saves you time when you need to go back and double check something. I like having the stores print and email the receipt because I tend to miss place things! It's always good to have back up!

2. Purchase a pouch for receipts.
- By a pouch I mean a wristlet, or a little baggy you can hold the receipts in. Over the years of working retail, this is one thing I highly suggest. Not only does it help avoid chaos in your purse, it keeps all your receipts in one place. If you really want to go the extra mile - alphabetize the receipts! 

3. Online shop on weekends.
- If you have time to do some last minute shopping, I suggest ordering during the weekends. Companies normally do sales Thursday through Sunday online. It doesn't hurt to save a little during an expensive season!

4. Stock up on wrapping paper.
- Before you even start purchasing your items, get your gift wrapping supplies first. It makes it easier so you're not doing a last minute run to Michael's the day before Christmas. Buying to much wrapping paper is never a bad thing. I am the worlds worst gift wrapper, so having extra paper helps me in the long run! You can always use what ever you have left the following year. 

5. Create lists.
- Get yourself a note book specifically for the season. Write down idea's you have, items you need to get and people you need to buy for. Create a special page for each person. By doing this it keeps you organized what you have gotten and what you still need to get. Also, track how much you spend.

6. Budget yourself.
- Self explanatory. During the holiday season we all tend to get carried away with our spending. It's hard not too! Create a game plan for how much you want to spend on each person, and go from there. Keeping track of what you spend will help you after the season is over when you have those lovely bills to pay! 

7. Get creative!
- DIY items are such a hit right now! Get creative with your wrapping paper and gifts for your loved ones. Something handmade is much more meaningful!

8. Use Pinterest.
- Pinterest is a great way to search items. Find things online that your friends and family will like and create a board on Pinterest. Having this board will be easy for you to go back when you're ready to do your online shopping. This is just an extra step to become more organized! I have found numerous gifts via Pinterest before. (Also, it definitely helps if you check out your friends/family members Pinterest for gift ideas!)

9. Do your research.
- When it comes to online orders, it's best to always look at the reviews before you purchase something. Do your research on the item as much as you can. Google it if you have too! Always read equal amounts of the good and the bad. See what people like and don't like about the items! Never buy something that does not have a at least two reviews! 

10. Relax! 
- This one is obviously the most important! During the holiday time we tend to get stressed out and overwhelmed. Don't worry! The holiday's are supposed to be a time for good company and memories. Get yourself organized and you'll have a worry free holiday season! 

Hope everyone is on their way to an enjoyable holiday season! Be merry and bright everyone!

Till next time,
xx Sarah Anne 

Gifts Under $50!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I cannot believe it's already December! Time is flying, and I can't keep up! With that being said, it's time to start creating our holiday lists! Every year stores create their holiday gift guide, and it has been such a blessing. People are picky to say the least, so by having the gift guides, it makes shopping just a little easier. I went ahead and created my own gift guide. All of the items I picked below are under $50. I tried to mix things up so the different types of people were all covered. See what I picked out below!

Starting from top left corner:
B Is For Bonnie Shop // Pencils $8.50
Minimergency Kit // Madewell $18.00
Black Crochet Boot Cuffs // Crochet by Corinna $12.00
Geometry Espresso Cups // JCrew 
Coffee Deck of Cards // JCrew $16.00
Leather iPad Mini Sleeve // Madewell $49.50

What we have here is a collection for the coffee lover, hand made enthusiast, leather freak and a mini Mary Poppins. The pack of pencils I found via Instagram from the B Is For Bonnie Shop. I have been following Bonnie for a while now and have fallen in love with all the items that are created. Majority of the items are made with gold foil, which is super in trend right now! So head on over to the website I have listed above! Another hand made gift I have listed, are a pair of black crochet boot cuffs! I believe a pair of these are a must have for any boot lover. They're super comfortable, and easy to wear. They are hand made by a girl I used to work with at the Loft! Her name is Corinna and she has a ton of other hand made items listed on her Etsy page. 

Time for the gold items! 
Solid Gold Idiom Bangle // Kate Spade $48.00
Gold Bar Initial Bracelet // powerandjade $34.00
Power Card // Madewell $29.50
Izola Toasts Cocktail Shaker // Madewell $36.00
Limited Edition Gold Monogram Mug // Anthropologie $10.00
Aureate Angles Trinket Dish // Anthropologie $32.00

If you didn't know, or haven't caught on yet, gold is in right now. Across so many blogs there are little hits of gold everywhere. It works out perfectly because gold is also a holiday color! So it's super easy to come across. But don't worry, gold (in my opinion) doesn't go out of style, or out of season. Spread gold throughout your house and it creates the perfect accent color! All of these items are perfect for your gold loving friend. We have a charger for people that are always on the go along with a beautiful coffee mug from Anthropologie that fits every coffee (or tea) lovers needs. I threw in a bangle from Kate Spade because it's simple and goes well with a ton of things. Also I added a gold bar bracelet, which I actually found through Pinterest! I pinned this item a while back - but if you're looking for something simple and meaningful to your best friend this is the item! 

Last is a collection of many things. We have a travel kit from Anthropologie, along with my personal favorite water bottle from Bkr! I pulled a little zip pouch from Ann Taylor Loft that you can fit your jewelry in when you travel, or simply just making a quick run to the mall! The top right corner is actually a 2015 agenda book, which you can personally make yourself from May Designs! Check out the details below:

Water Bottle // bkr $30.00
Chocolate Braided Leather Wrap // Alex and Ani $38.00
Agenda Book // May Designs $20.00+
One Love Organics Travel Kit // Anthropologie $50.00
Dotted Pouch // LOFT $29.50
Things We Love Coffee Table Book // Kate Spade $40.00

Hope you got some ideas - I would love to hear what else you can find for under $50! Comment below! 

Till next time,
xx Sarah Anne