DIY Holiday Name Tag

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hi readers - I've been meaning to do another DIY project for a while, and I finally found time to create something! If you go on Pinterest and scroll through the holiday boards, you may notice more and more people are creating little name tags for the dinner table. I absolutely love the idea, so I went ahead and created my own. I wanted to make something that was transitional through Thanksgiving to New Years. With that being said I picked pine cones along with a black and gold color pallet. So here are the items you need below:

Simple enough right? I wanted to create something that not only would be easily to put together, but easy on the wallet. The whole project cost me under $10!

I created the name tag on Photoshop, however you can go straight to Michael's and find already made tags there. That's another project within itself because you can get fancy and use chalk marker to write the name!  But since I wanted to spend no more than ten dollars on this project, I made it myself. To make the shape look more like a tag, I used reinforcement stickers that I painted gold and attached them to the top. I then hole punched the tag and tied my gold string to it! I found string from my local Paper Source store, which I have to say I am highly obsessed with. It's a DIY heaven! I found my "14k Gold" paint from Michael's, which when it dries comes out beautiful. 

As for the pine cone, you can either buy a whole bag from Michael's for $4.99, or go outside and pick your own! I painted my pine cones gold to look more holiday like. 

Wrap the string around the top of the cone, and ta-da! You're done! So easy, and it comes out adorable. Your wallet will thank you for this cute DIY project. If needed, hot glue the string so it stays in one place. 

Place these one top of your dinner plate for any holiday to give your table a little something extra! 

Any questions? Comment below! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
xx Sarah Anne 

Target Finds

Monday, November 24, 2014

I love blogging on a Monday, I always feel so accomplished, especially when it's about new items I've just purchased. Out of all my favorite places to shop, Target is probably number one. I could literally spend hours going through all the isles, it's a candy store for bloggers. Since I am on the look out for room decor, this is my first stop. I am really going for a gold look in my room so I have been on a mission to find all things gold without spending a ton of money. I found so much inspiration through Pinterest and Instagram, it's crazy! I also check the Kate Spade website way to often (I'll admit it) and I always challenge myself to find something KS inspired for a cheaper price. For example today, Target has a ton of office supplies that look identical to what Kate Spade would sell, for half the price! I was so tempted to purchase a gold stapler, but I stepped away like a good girl.

Today, I ran into gold heaven. With the holiday's coming up, it's so easy to find gold items. Now, you're probably thinking - "Won't it look like a holiday mess?" No, not really actually! I find small gold items that are just plain and incorporate them with other colors like maroon and mint - so it stays away from looking to holiday.

Today I purchased a gold wire magazine holder, a candle and an adorable tiny light up tree for my window. I was so excited to find the magazine holder. I tend to hoard lots of fashion magazines, so I always need somewhere to place them. The candle fits the theme I have going on, and it smells like pine trees. I love the smell of pine so I am 100% comfortable with it smelling like Christmas all year long. Of course, the little tree is just for the holidays but it was only $6.00, so I really couldn't resist.

Stopping in every so often to your favorite stores makes it easy to find things for your room. Trying to look for something specific and all at once can be stressful and the outcome may not be what you were hoping for. Decorating your space should be fun and you shouldn't feel rushed to find anything. Find a theme you like and run with it. Stop buy your local Target, Home-Goods, TJ Maxx and thrift stores first to see what you can find. After, go spoil yourself with a few pieces from a higher end store so you have a nice balance of items! 

I'll keep updating on what I find for my room! 

Till next time,
xx Sarah Anne

Anthropologie Hacks

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hi readers! Since moving into my new house, I've become super overwhelmed on how I want to design my bathroom and room. Being a Pinterest fanatic, I've come across hundreds of different themes. One thing I have narrowed down is my bathroom. The tile in my bathroom is a dark green and yellow, basically really earthy tones. At first I thought they were horrendous but then I came across an idea to really embrace the colors. I decided to go with a sunflower theme! I have plans to create many DIY projects to add into the bathroom.

With that being said, I've been on the look out for many different things to incorporate into the bathroom. The other day I was wandering in TJ-Maxx (like always) and came across two adorable little bowls. Unfortunately, the pattern on either bowl doesn't really go with the theme I have going on, but for the time being I think they're perfect, and of course I love a good deal.

Yup, see that tag? TWO dollars! What a steal! Like I said before, they don't go with the theme I am doing, but for the time being they serve a purpose! I plan on using them to hold jewelry later on in my closet. Which, I am super excited to blog about I might add! So for four dollars I have somewhere to put my q-tips and my bobby pins! 

If you're thinking what I am thinking, they look exactly like bowls you find at Anthropologie! I did some research and bowls on Anthro go from anywhere between $8-$24. 

They're adorable right? And they look exactly like the bowls I found for half the price! TJ-Maxx and Home Goods are both a perfect place to find little inexpensive items. If you're working on a budget, I would suggest heading over there first before ordering anywhere else. You never know what you can find in there, and you may find items you need for another room! 

Follow my blog for more updates on what I plan on doing to my space! Sometimes it's good to look for inexpensive things rather than buying brand names, you may find a cheaper alternative you fall in love with even more! 

Till next time,
xx Sarah Anne 

New Chapter.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hey readers! I know I have been MIA for a few weeks, but I am back and here to explain what has been going on. Back in July, my family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. I stayed behind to live with my grandma for the remainder of the summer and fall. Living there was wonderful, and it taught me to be independent. (Me? Independent? Who knew.) My grandma went to France for a week so I had the house to myself. There was a combination of feeling excited, and lonely all at the same time while she was gone. However, I learned that I am a terrible cook and I secretly love doing laundry.

Come November I had to say goodbye to friends, family and my coworkers. It was so surreal, and I truly felt like I was in a fog. I lived in New Jersey for the past eight years, so to say packing up my life was hard would be an understatement. But here I am now, in Florida and I feel like I'm on vacation.

The thought of moving when it was first brought up was weird, and I didn't give it much thought. But as time got closer, the feeling of moving got scarier. When it came time to move I was really uneasy about the whole thing. I would sit up at night thinking of what it'll be like without friends that I've been close with for years, and how I would go about my day not seeing my boyfriend. Well, I realized that we're all adults now. We are getting older and many of us are moving on from our New Jersey lives. Suddenly, I realized that moving may not be that bad. I'm 21 years old, and nothing to hold me back, so why not try something new? In New Jersey, I established myself as someone who didn't try new things, and really kept to myself. I'm over it. I don't want to rely on people for my own happiness anymore, I want to create my own. So doing this move was a step in the right direction.

It's time for new opportunities and adventures. I cannot wait to share with you all! I have so many things up my sleeve for this blog, and I can't wait to get started.

Till next time!
xx Sarah Anne