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Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday bloggers! Whenever it's Friday, I can't help but to start singing Rebbecca Black's "Friday" song. Oh goodness, the memories of countless days having that song stuck in my head are coming back to me.. Speaking of music, anyone hear any new songs they are in love with recently? Let me know, comment below! Now, as you know, I love Instagram. It's a great way for people to express themselves through pictures. If I post something with clothes or fashion related, I'll start explaining it on here! Something extra for you to read!

Here is my lovely wanting spring inspired. Today, I actually wore this to work! I had on this lovely wool cardigan from the Lou And Grey line at work. It's 100% wool, so be careful if you're allergic! Next I have this adorable pink V neck tank top, with gold buttons I found at Francesca's the other day. I love the color, and I'm most positive it'll look better once I've got a tan! I paired these two with a pair of leggings and my brown tall boots from Steve Madden. It's a simple way to turn spring stuff into winter. Now, I didn't actually wear the hat because it's been crazy windy outside, but when the weather gets better you best believe I'll be wearing this!
Of course I paired it with an adorable open triangle necklace I got from Pacsun. I also added my Michael Kors watch along with it. I through the nail polish in for a little something extra because the colors go so great with each other!
This time of year is hard for fashion. All the stores are starting to carry spring stuff, and you almost have to fight the urge to buy it! I know where I am it's still so cold, and we're expecting more snow on the way! So if you're feeling the spring fever, try pairing your outfits with boots, or a cute scarf to make it more winter!
Have a great Friday night, and happy weekend!
Till next time,
Sarah Anne xx

Things I'm obsessed with this week..

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! Hope every one's week is going great, tomorrow is Friday, yay! It's been a busy week at work visual wise. We're getting all of our spring merch out, and I'm loving everything! Between the bright colors, the pastels, the lace shorts, all the denim items we have, and of course polka dots! Which leads me to the first thing I am obsessed with this week..

Welcome back to the 1920's and the 50's! Polka dots were super big in the twenties, then died out a little and made their comeback in the 50's. Well guess what? They're back! Better than ever, too. Back in the days, it was mostly polka dotted dresses and maybe a shirt here and there. But in today's fashion, you can pretty much find polka dot in your favorite clothing item. What I love about this look is it's so versatile. You have your shirts, button ups, jackets, shoes and scarfs. The denimlook is so in right now, so why not put the two together? Above I have a few pictures. The chambray top is from Loft, right now it is in the store, and I plan on purchasing this!! It's super adorable, throw on some jeans and flats and you're out the door. Of course don't forget to accessorise! You can also throw a sweater on top of this look so the polka dots peek through the collar and on your sleeves. Next I have a jacket, also from the Loft. This look is great to wear to work and wear out to dinner. I love it with a pink shirt underneath and a pair of white jeans. Basically what the picture shows! The scarf, I actually own is from Ann Taylor. It's a super cute combo of big dots and little dots. Today I wore it with my plain chambray top and a pair of brown boots!

Next is the amazing layered necklace look. I personally haven't seen this trend on anyone I know, but when I go onto social media's like instagram, and Pinterest. I see it everywhere. So I do believe this look is making its way around to everyone. Music festivals are coming up, and this is a great way to show your accessories while looking the part of the "modern day hippie". I love this look because you can really experiment with so many types of necklaces, it's bound to look great. I found this picture on Pinterest, right here! It's great to pair with a simple shirt and cardigan, it gives it a little extra something to your outfit! I picked up my own from Francesca's the other day for $16.00. It's super cute and once I get an outfit to go with it, I'll be sure to post it!
Well that's all for today! I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday night, I'll be sure to keep posting. I would love some feedback from you! Do you have any polka dots in your closet? Are you loving or hating this trend? How about the layered necklaces, will you give that a try? Let me know and comment below!!
Till next time,
Sarah Anne xx

Not your comfort zone.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Thursday everyone! Had another day off today, but it's back to work tomorrow! I headed over to the mall today with my mom, walked around a little bit and saw that so many stores are getting their pre spring stuff! I say "pre spring" because it's that transition into spring from winter, kind of random 3/4 sleeves, lighter material shirts and crops. Shorts are on their way though, so start working out those legs if you haven't already! Bathing suits are already in Target I saw the other day (sigh). Not ready for those yet! How about you guys?!

Now when I comes to a fashion category I can't really label myself in anything specific. I went through of course the random stages of being a tween and a teenager. When I was in elementary school, it was Adidas pants, and sweatshirts. In middle school it kind of was whatever was fitting my growing body and long legs. I would get in trouble for wearing skirts in school because my legs were so long. It was a little annoying because I saw other girls wearing the same things and they weren't getting yelled at! In high school I kind of was all over the place. I kind of stuck to yoga pants and sweatshirts. Lets be honest, I'm not a morning person so I could never get myself to look good for a 7:20 AM class.. My junior year I started working in retail, so I was getting a little more introduced to fashion. I've always been drawn to graphic tee's for some reason. I'm such a sucker for old vintage ones! Delia's used to sell a lot of Junk Food t-shirts, and I would adore them. But unfortunately they stopped selling that type of brand! As the years went on, I found Brandy Melville. At the time Brandy wasn't all that known, so it was kind of cool knowing something not a lot of people knew about. I fell in love to say the least, I bought a ton of the shirts, and cardigans. I stayed away from the pants because I'm proud to say I am not a size zero. But the shirts fit just fine! I think a lot of bigger girls were scared to try something in the store because it is a one size fits all. But I can guarantee you there is something for everyone there.

After I left Delia's my style was really just Urban Outfitters. I loved the style, I even have a pair of Doc Martin's that I made my mom buy me that fit the image. I love over sized sweaters paired with boots and a cute scarf. That today, is most definitely my go to outfit. I'm more of a comfort person over being in something uncomfortable because it looks "good". I know at the Loft we have a line called Lou and Grey. Literally I am in love. It's adorable, comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. Every time we get something new in for the line, I feel like I buy it.

Since I am about trying new things, today's outfit ties into the title and how I stated before how I don't have a specific "style".

I'm not really one to wear shirt on top of shirt, but I wanted to give it a try! I have a chambray shirt underneath by Loft. My camo long sleeve, is from Forever21. My black skinny jeans are from Loft as well. My amazing shoes are from Urban. I can't even begin to explain how much I am in love with them. I call them my "Harry Styles shoes". If you're a big One Direction fan like I am, you'll understand :).

Here is the outfit all laid out! As I said in another blog post, I love doing the "laid out picture". So here is one for you!

I've thrown on my watch from Michael Kors my boyfriend got me. I literally wear it 6/7 days a week. It's perfect and fits all my outfits. I have an elephant necklace I got a while ago, I wish I remembered where I got it from! I feel like Forever 21, or Francesca's.

And to send you on your way, my famous shoe and coffee picture!
I hope you have a great rest of the day, thank you all for viewing! How has your style changed throughout the years? Comment below, I would love to hear from you guys!
Till next time
Sarah Anne xx

Hump Day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Hump Day everyone! Two more days till the weekend! I had off today, so it was awesome to stay in bed during the rainy morning. Luckily, the rain cleared up and we've had a beautiful but wet Wednesday! Here in Jersey we've gotten so much snow, there is really nowhere to put it, and unfortunately its melting! So no more pretty white snow, it's more like dark, mucky, I don't want to look at it anymore snow. I ran some errands with my mom, we stopped in Target to do a return and ran into Marshall's afterwards. I have to say Marshall's has some cute shoes in stock! I would highly recommend stopping in and getting yourself a great deal on a pair of cute shoes!

Since I had off today, it was dress like you're not going to work day! I don't have a strict dress code at work, but wearing flannel is most definitely a day off look. I bought this flannel over the summer from PacSun, and I totally regret not buying another color. I love the feel of it, it's super light weight but also gives me the coverage I need if it's a chilly night. Underneath I have a light hoodie on from Brandy Melville. I've only worn this a handful of times, it's kind of an awkward fit but I still manage to make it work. My boots are from the one and only Steven Madden. More than half of my shoe collection is from SM. I love the look of all his shoes, and they fit perfectly. When I was younger I had such a problem finding shoes, and now I have a hard time saying no to shoes! They are most definitely my guilty pleasure.

Details! Since it's still pretty chilly outside, but warmer than it has been, I threw this chunky scarf on from Urban Outfitters. I normally always have these two bracelets on my wrists. One from Alex and Ani, my Cinderella's castle one and a bracelet a good friend made for me. You can find her etsy right here! It's a simple lucky elephant charm, with black and gold. My ring on my middle finger is actually my moms! She doesn't wear it anymore, so I claimed it mine!

Here is a lovely example of the "pretty" snow! And of course I have my coffee in my hand like normal! What's my drink of the day? The Caramel Flan Latte! It's not bad, I always like to try their new drinks, change it up a bit!
Now since it is Wednesday, and I normally have a "wish list" listed, but at the moment I only have one thing on my list! And it's these babies right here! I've adored Sam Edelman's shoes for a super long time, but haven't been able to bring myself to spend the amount of money they cost on them. So with that note, they ended up on my wish list! Hopefully I can splurge on them with my tax refund.. We will see ;)
What's on your wish list this week?? Comment below!
Till next time everyone!
Sarah Anne xx

What I'm obsessed with this week..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! Hope you guys had a fantastic Monday, and an extra filled coffee Tuesday! Now, every Wednesday I try to make a "wish list" like clothes, shoes and other things I hope to plop into my closet soon. I want to take a day out of the week and just talk about small/big things I'm currently LOVING that I already own, listen to, or watch. Let's get started! 
First up are these life saving hair ties. I got these where I work, at Ann Taylor Loft, and they've changed my life. These guys were $12.50 on their own, but I get a generous discount, so I got them for a little less! If you haven't jumped on the band waggon with this type of hair tie, I suggest you start now. I know at the Loft you can literally get any color you want, and even find some to match your outfit. Which to me is perfect! I've come across other stores having them, like PacSun, and Harmons. These guys are great because they don't leave any creases in your hair when you throw it up in a bun or pony tail. They hold your hair like an old fashion hair tie would! I tend to always have one handy on me, like my wrist for example, and it even looks good as a "bohemian" accessory! Also, one big thing.. they don't EVER break! I haven't had a casualty at all since owning them.
Next up, currently what I am watching, that I am 100% obsessed with is Castle! I started watching Castle halfway through the fourth season. After one episode I was literally hooked. Right now they are in the middle of their sixth season, and from interviews I've watched and blogs I've read, the shows ratings are higher than ever. Now, I won't spoil anything just in case any of you decide to start watching it.. but let's just say my OPT is getting married (One true pair). I asked for seasons 1-5 for Christmas this year, and I haven't stopped watching it. My TV interests are comedy, action, crime solving, and some romance thrown in there. This show is a perfect blend of all that. The great thing about this show is the cast. The cast has such great chemistry together, sometimes you forget you're actually watching television. Castle is on Monday's at ten after the Bachelor! I highly recommend checking it out!
Woot, last one! I bought this product actually last night and already noticed the difference. I have not cut my hair in over a year.. my hair doesn't grow very fast because I abuse it with hot hair products, all the time. I straighten my hair at least 4/7 days a week, then maybe curl it the rest. It's drier than a desert, lets just say that. So I was browsing through Target and this bottle catches my eye. "Not Your Mother's" is the brand, and it's a thermal shield spray. It's infused with sunflowers and vitamins A and E. While getting ready for work this morning, I tried it! I sprayed it all over my head, and then brushed my hair to make sure it covered all ends. I started straightening it and noticed that my hair was softer. I will continue to use this product, and most definitely will do a follow up review on it after I give it a few weeks, but I was so shocked by one use my hair already felt softer.
Well, those are my three things I'm currently LOVING for this week! I will try and make this a weekly habit, if not, every two weeks! I hope my reviews and personal experience will help some of you out if you were interested in any of the products/show I blogged about! Leave a comment to let me know if you watch Castle or have used the heat shield or use a different product!
Till next time!
Sarah Anne xx

What's in my bag!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but good news.. I'm back! For a while I was becoming discouraged because I wasn't seeing a lot of traffic. But I've convinced myself that this will take time, and if I set goals for myself and this blog, things will happen in time! So I'm back with a quick little post about what's in my bag.

Now, when looking through the pictures you'll probably come to see that I am a super simple person. I don't tend to carry much in my bag for some reason. When I was younger I tried my best NOT to carry one! Why? Because I'm super forgetful and I left it in numerous classrooms!! So I try and be an adult now and not leave them places anymore.. So here we go!

So here is just an overview picture of every little thing in my bag! I will admit I'm such an instagram groupie and I follow a ton of people who lay out their items like this and I have to say, its tons of fun! My creative side comes out when I do this!

I cant even tell you how excited I am to finally call this mine. Yesterday I went to the Short Hills Mall (in NJ) and they have one of my favorite stores, Madewell! I have been searching for this case for months now. You may see it on various fashion blogs, and instagrams, Madewell even has it in a sweatshirt too. I looked online for a while and they were sold out, I even found a website that Madewell buys things from, and they sent me back to the Madewell page, but still no hope in site! So yesterday while I was in the mall with a good friend, I was like why the heck not look for it?! And there it was.. The only one left! I was super excited and scooped it up! It was about $19 with tax. Cant complain, my previous phone case from Gypsy Warrior was about the same! What does it mean? Well it's French! There are a few meanings, like Well-done, well made, good looking, just to name a few. I like the meaning behind it because we should always tell ourselves one positive thing a day!

Next is my handy wallet! I got this incredibly useful wallet at Christmas time from my boyfriends family. I'm not normally a huge fan of big wallets, but this one I can totally make an exception for. I carry a lot of unnecessary cards, and coupons in my wallet that 9/10 times, they're just floating in my bag, so with this wallet there are so many spaces I can easily organize my cards that I actually use with the stuff that I am just obviously hoarding in there. On some days if I have somewhere quick to run, I'll just grab my wallet instead of the whole bag!

See, I told you I kept it simple! I fell in love with the EOS chap stick, so I wanted to try the lotion! The cute little shape of the bottle is so convenient to throw in your bag, and the smell is great! It's not over powering at all either. Next is my Burt's Bee's! We've gotten so much snow around here the past couple weeks, it's almost mandatory you have chap stick on you at all times. Both were purchased at Target.

Next are my Karen Walker wanna be sunglasses! I love Karen Walker's glasses to death, but at the same time, I tend to break my glasses easily. So instead of spending the hundreds of dollars on the real ones, I found a pair from EBay that looked identical and practically 97% cheaper. While I wish for an actual pair of Karen Walker's, I will hold on to these for now!

Now onto my bag. I recently just got this amazing bag from LOFT. I've been working here since August and I can't even tell you how much I've fallen in love with the clothing. I saw this bag two weeks ago, and I knew I had to make it mine. I waited just in case if it sold out, it wasn't meant to be, but it didn't! You can wear it two ways, with the flap up, so if you have a water bottle I suggest you wear it like the first picture. If not, wear it like the second! Its got a cute metal and leather chain. You can wear it casually or dress it up if you wanted too!
Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! Post your comments below about anything and I'll be sure to get back to you!!
Till next time!
Sarah Anne xx

Be Back Soon!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Super sorry I have not blogged in MONTHS! I promise I will be back very shortly :)

keep you posted!