Old T-Shirt DIY!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.. to many cotton t-shirts! From concerts to charity events you collect them all. Now you're at the point where you don't know what to do with them all! Well, I have an idea! How about a tank top, knotted bottom! The whole knotted bottom is super in right now, lots of looks on Urban Outfitters. Especially for festivals, just add some high waisted shorts and you've got a look that will rock the house! Now, I'm not the best cutter so bare with me, this is more for a tutorial. I'll walk you through what I did to accomplish this look..

I advise you to use a shirt you don't care about for a test shirt.. clearly I bought this shirt when I was in love with Hot Topic..

You can use whatever tool you want to measure how long you want to cut into the shirt.

Excuse the messy cut.. but you can cut as long as you want up to form the ties, I only went up that far due to the wording on the shirt!

To get the shape of the tank top, cut along the seams from the sleeves. It gives the shirt a perfect shape for the tank top so the sides aren't to wide. If you don't care for the high neck look, again just cut along the seams from the neck to get a lower neckline! When you're all done cutting the way you want here are the final results..


Hope you get the idea! Till next time :)
Xx Sarah Anne

DIY Sunglass holder!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So, for all you sunglass lovers and collectors.. I have found a way for you to keep organized! Being a fellow sunglass lover, my sunglasses are constantly being thrown around, and being put in places I cant remember. Now you've all heard of Pinterest right? If not, open a new tab up and sign yourself up, you will be hooked! Have one? Good now follow me right here! I adore looking through the DIY (Do it yourself) boards and I have always wanted to try one myself. So, I went out to Michael's and bought a few items and starting making something!

What you need:
-Empty picture frame
-Thin strips of wood
-Hot Glue gun

Now, at first I was trying out strings (as you see above) but I soon realized, it was impossible to get the string to stay that length because over time it stretches. So I scratched that idea and moved to the wood strips! I also bought some hangers just in case I wanted to put some headbands on!
I got everything from Michael's, the wooden strips were only $1.00 each.

As you can see we did not have a saw to cut these.. so we used a kitchen knife. Like I said, it was really a DIY project! After we placed all the strips on the frame and hot glued them down! And the finish project looks like...

Now the possibilities are endless of what you want to do and the items you want to use to make them. If you go on pinterest and look around a lot of people use branches, wire and other items that are strong enough to hold the sunglasses! I love the way it came out, my room is British, so I went along with the theme! Keep an eye out I'm in the process of making something else! Hope you enjoyed this!
Till next time!
Xx Sarah Anne

New Hope Trip!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today I took a trip to one of my favorite places, New Hope! It's located about 45 minutes away from my house in PA. It's full of antique and hippie clothing stores. It has a ton of restaurants and ice cream stores which is always fun because you can try something new every time you go. I picked up two pairs of old Levi's I plan on cutting up, so stay tuned about my DIY project! I took a few pictures of what I saw today!

What I wore: A dress from Francesca's! My boots are from Lucky Brand.

Concrete Jungle

Monday, July 15, 2013

Yesterday I took a trip with my best friends into the city to see one of our other best friends for her birthday in her new apartment! I absolutely adore going into the city, and whenever I have a chance I pack my bag, grab my camera and catch the train! Sometimes I feel like a total tourist because I do bring my camera 9/10 times I go into the city. But I love all the sights and lights and most definitely peoples fashion. Yesterday we just went casual, hung out at Liz's SUPER cute apartment and went to dinner at an adorable little restaurant. Here are some pictures I snapped at her apartment:

 The whole place is adorable and has a very boho/vintage feel to it, most definitely got me inspired to spice up my room a little more!

Now the fun part, what I wore! I had the opportunity to purchase from one of my favorite clothing makers. Her name is Jac Vanek, and her story is something I look up too. She literally started from the bottom and now she is most definitely on top! She does have her own clothing line on her website, but has done some collaborations as well! You can find her items at Element which is were she recently launched her collaboration with them! This is also where I got my sunflower dress, which I just so happen to be IN LOVE with! You can also find her stuff at Urban Outfitters, and Gypsy Warrior. She is a great and humble person who interacts with her fans and keeps them updated on where she is and where she is going. I will continue to give her business and help her grow and I suggest you check her out too! Jac Vanek
What I am wearing: Jac Vanek dress, with a pair of Lucky Brand combat boots. I grabbed a large in this dress and it fits just right! I added a belt around it for a little more definition.
What Liz is wearing: All Brandy Melville!
Excuse the awkward face, I wasn't sure what I was going for here..

RIP Cory Monteith, Finn Hudson.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

As I sit here and post this at 2:18 AM I am filled with emotions. Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on FOX's show GLEE was reportedly dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. Monteith from what I have read from many articles (prior to this) has struggled with drug addiction from a very young age. Recently this year he made the bold choice of checking himself into rehab. He had the support from his friends, family and his fans.

I started watching GLEE when it first aired, and needless to say I was hooked. I immediately got attached to Cory's character, not only for his looks, but his personality. Finn was your average good looking school quarterback who had a secret love for singing. He took the courage to join his school's GLEE club and created an outburst of people wanting to try new things.

Monteith stared in a few other films, more known was Monte Carlo with Selena Golmez,  Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy. Cory was also dating his co-star Lea Michelle. No news on how any co-star is taking it. However, one co-star Mark Salling tweeted "No", so looking at twitter and my own common sense it is most likely him reacting to his friends death.

Some tweets on other celebrities reactions via twitter (and Perez Hilton retweeting lots - thanks!)

My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will never be forgotten, he was an amazing actor, so natural and he will be missed.
(Top picture google, second picture fan pop, twitter picture mine)

Gypsy Warrior goods!

Friday, July 12, 2013

If you haven't heard about this boutique it's called "Gypsy Warrior". I found out about them via Instagram and fell in love. Their site consists of vintage and edgy items. They have one store right now in Ridgewood, NJ, and of course a website. I have not been to the store yet, it's kind of a hike for me where i am located, a little over an hour. But I have shopped their website many times, they always have free shipping which is great because you can find what you want without that $12.50 tagged onto your purchase!

Recently the website had a 25% off sale for the 4th of July. Of course I just had to take advantage of it! I ordered everything Monday night, and it is now Friday. So shipping is pretty quick, which is great if you're impatient.

Here is how I received the two items:

I love how they add their sticker on the outside of the box, it gives it more of a personal touch :)
I opened the box and found this little surprise, some pink tissue paper!
First item: "Titanic Sunglasses". They were $20 dollars, which is the average price of most of their sunglasses. They do have some on sale and they have other designers that go into the hundreds. I have another pair of over sized Lennon glasses that were also $20! The maker of these particular glasses are from AJ Morgan.
I'm really into the different kinds of sunglasses, so when i spotted these i fell in love! Also, the few times I have ordered from Gypsy Warrior, I have gotten a sticker from them. I love when companies do this because I think it's a great way to promote their stuff.
Next up.. My "Live and Electric" shirt! I've been eying this shirt for a while for many reasons. I love the whole "grunge" look right now and the skull fits that perfectly. But, the fact that it has a few girlie colors added to it makes it less masculine with the skull.
Here is a close up! The shirt is originally from Junk Food Clothing, which is totally awesome because I have been a fan of Junk Food since I started working at Delia's. If you go on their website you will see a few shirts that other stores carry as well! (Also Harry Styles is on the front cover yippie!) Bloomingdale's also sells something similar for a little more money, Bloomies.

The shirt runs about 24 inches long and has an open back (view below). This kind of shirt is perfect for summer time because you can pair it with a pair of boyfriend colored or jean pants and cuff them up. Or you can match it with your favorite festival shorts with some black combat boots! The back isn't to open so if you wanted too you could still throw a nude bra under it or wear it with a bandeau!
I really adore this store, and will continue shopping there. The prices are pretty reasonable for super cute clothing. Right now they are having a sale for 30% off sale items, which is GREAT because you can get super cute things for a great price. Check them out here! Gypsy Warrior
Till next time!
Xx Sarah Anne

A little about the blogger.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Jersey girl has been living in the Sunshine State for the past two years, and has really simplified her life. When she's not helping women build their wardrobes at work, she enjoys binge watching independent films, and day dreaming about all things British. This blog is a creative outlet for her to show you what she is currently wearing, what she's currently obsessed with, and what craft she has decided to put together next. Looking to collaborate? Shoot an email to "s.calvelli@aol.com".