Work In Progress

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm literally laughing so hard right now at my previous post.. Did I really need to share my bodily functions with the internet? Apparently. It's been a long time since I blogged last, so let's catch up!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling exhausted, frustrated and defeated. Exhausted because I push myself at work 40+ hours a week, and find time to go to the gym 5 days a week. Frustrated because the weight isn't falling off as fast as I want it to. And defeated because I want to see my results faster (patience, I know..)

I started my fitness journey about 10 months ago in July. Around that time I was hitting almost 180 pounds, I was unhealthy, super upset about what I looked like and my stomach issues were only getting worse. I took the leap and went full force with my lifestyle change. As the months went on, I got into the habit of prepping my meals for the week and heading to the gym more often. Right away switching my diet was one of the biggest things that helped me shed some weight quickly. It's amazing once you cut out carbs and sugar how much you notice the difference.

Holiday's came along and I completely fell off the wagon (ugh), but honestly, that's life! Holiday season for a retail worker is like tax season for an accountant. Busy, busy, busy... you're lucky if you find any time to get a real meal down your throat. Come January (like everyone else) I made it my goal for 2017 to get into really good shape. I started meeting with a personal trainer, who I am still seeing today, and joining a real gym.

Fast forward to right now, I am officially 148 pounds. 32 pounds in 10 months doesn't seem like much but I never was focused on losing weight, I just wanted to get in shape (and gain muscles!) As I stated above, I was feeling down about myself yesterday but then I stumbled across the picture I took when I started my fitness journey and literally my mood completely changed. I never really took the time to realize how far I've come since July. I am in such better shape than I have been (even in my 13 year Cheerleading career) and I am so much more happier with how I look and how I emotionally feel.

The point of this post is not to talk about myself, but how sometimes as individuals, we need to take a step back and see how far we've come from where we have been instead of feeling defeated!! My fitness journey is nowhere near over and I plan on blogging about it throughout the months (for real I promise this time). I signed up for my first 5k and you best bet I will be sharing all my stories about training and how much I love running.. (I hope you sensed my sarcasm)

If anyone is on a similar journey, don't be shy to drop an email in my box just to chat! I would love to hear personal stories on how far you've come and what you do to keep yourself motivated!! (

Till next time!

Will Workout For Gym Clothes

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anyone ever feel like they are in a constant rollercoaster battle with working out? Don't worry, you're not alone! I go through these phases where I literally will have 0 motivation, or I become obsessed with working out and make it a 5/7 day commitment. Right now I am in the obsessed phase, but not by choice.

I've been dealing with stomach issues the past couple months and I basically forced myself to get back into shape. Feeling like garbage is no way to live your life, especially when a huge part of your job is putting your best foot forward everyday! (Shout out to all my Ann Inc. people) It was getting to a point where I would spend every ten minutes in the bathroom (TMI, I know), but imagine trying to run a store and staff members while you're consistently in the bathroom!? Difficult, that's what it was. So a few months ago back in July, I forced myself to get back in shape and start eating right. I cut out literally everything. Breakfast I would have egg whites and an avocado. Lunch was mainly quinoa and grilled chicken and dinner was something small that consisted of lots of greens. Snacks were strictly fruit and veggies. The first three weeks I cut out all carbs, dairy (yes, cheese too) and all processed foods.

I started noticing my stomach issues were getting under control and I felt a significant amount of bloating had disappeared. So slowly I started introducing different foods back into my diet, and the rest is history! So far I have lost 20 pounds and I plan on keeping it that way.

These pictures were taken exactly a year apart from one another! 
Look at those triceps #yasssgirl. 

One thing that has made me stay motivated is the workout gear. No surprise there, right? Anything for clothing I suppose! With fitness being so big right now, so many companies have moved their sense of fashion into the gym. Since it's nearly impossible to look cute while sweating, your outfit will be a distraction of the hot mess self you face every workout. If you don't look like a hot mess after your session, you had a crappy workout (sorry, not sorry!)

While there are so many different places to purchase workout gear from, I'd have to say my favorite place is Old Navy (Kate Spade coming in a close second, but let's be economical here). Not only is their quality of clothing amazing, their prices are even better! You can get a whole outfit (sneakers not included) for under $50. That sound like a bargain to me! Check out my favorite pieces from this past active wear collection below.

Whether you are just starting, or you are fully committed to working out, treat yourself once in a while to something cute! Your gym selfies will thank you for it!


Sunday, October 16, 2016

So I know I talk about Fall shoes a lot, but I must squeak in my second favorite Fall detail.. Nail polish! 9/10 times I have some sort of dark polish on, and Fall is the perfect excuse to go even darker.  My favorites? Black, Navy, Gold and Burgundy. Black is my number one go to for really any season! It's classy and matches everything. Essie has hands down my favorite black; licorice. In general I tend to gravitate towards all Essie colors. The quality is great and chances are I can always find a color I could see myself wearing. 

At the moment, I am currently wearing "Mochacino". It's a cool gray color with a little hint of shimmer. This polish is super versatile with any outfit, which is wonderful because my outfits are never the same!

Below are some of my favorites of this 2016 season, check them out! 

O.P.I ($10) CIA (Color Is Awesome) // Smith and Cult ($18) Opaque Rose Gold Foil // Yves Saint Laurent ($25) Jaune Babouche // Essie ($9) Chubby Cheeks // Dior ($27) Skyline // Essie ($9) Mochacino // 

SO many colors not enough nails! 

What are your go to colors for the Fall season? Feel free to drop a comment below! 

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Boots Boots Boots

Thursday, October 13, 2016

At the beginning of the month I told myself I was going to behave and cut back on my shopping.. I was doing okay, until we escaped to the west coast during the hurricane and I discovered the mall in Sarasota. I bought a few necessities, like underwear, leggings, something to travel back home in because I did not pack accordingly.. Also, does a Kate Spade watch count as a necessity? I'm pretty sure it does, I mean how else would I know the time? It's not like I have my phone in my hand 24/7 or something.. (lol)

Other than that little oops splurge, I've been doing pretty well.. up until yesterday when I walked into a shoe lovers dream that is DSW. I am terrible. 0 days since money was spent on clothing and or shoes. American Express loves me.. but it works out in my favor since I get points that pay for flights. Who doesn't love free flights? #ExtraRoomSeats 

As I scoot through the isles I see many, many, many, boots that I could see living in my closet. But since I can't take all of them home (sad), I settled on a pair of Chelsea boots from Steve Madden. If you've been following my blog from the beginning, you know I am a huge Steve Madden fan (sponsor me already, yes?!). I love the quality of the shoes, and quite frankly, I've never had an issue with the fit or prices. My fashion tip to you is sometimes it's okay to spend a little more on shoes. You want them to be good quality, and if you're constantly buying new boots or heels every 3 months, you might as well have spent it on a more expensive pair right? Quality > everything! 

Besides the Steve Madden boots I came home with, there were certainly many runner ups! Below are my top favorites from my last visit, and I even added the links for easy shopping.. Enjoy!

I purchased a size 9.5 in these booties, which is my average shoe size! They run pretty similar to all of his other shoes. I wore them to work today and they did not give me any issues! 10/10 for these cuties! 

Fall into Florida Fall.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Living in Florida, you don't get to experience "Fall". I am in serious envy right now to the folks back home (also because there is a hurricane plummeting towards us, but shh). Our fall consists of, palm tree branches falling, instead of leaves, iced pumpkin spice latte's instead of hot, open toe booties instead of closed.. you get my gist? This will be my third fall here so I've learned some things or two about making the best of not having a Fall season.

First off, Bath and Body Works will become your best friend. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I stop into that store on a monthly basis and the associates are starting to know me by name. Gotta do what you gotta do, right? I highly suggest finding a scent you like, and buying it in every item it comes in. Currently, I am in love with the scent "Leaves". Ironic, because we don't really have smelly leaves here. I have the cute little Mason Jar, which is selling for $12.50 (or 2 for $20), and boyyyy, do I let that thing BURN. Seriously, I was catching up on American Horror Story the other day (PS, where's Even Peters?) and it was a good 3 hours and my room smelt like a combination of Apple pie, cinnamon, Thanksgiving, flannels, crisp fall air, wrapped into this tiny glass jar. It's literally the definition of what Fall should smell like. I also bought the wallflowers, because why not? I'm not always in my room to burn my candle, so I have my fall smells on back up with the wallflowers. I was pleasantly surprised with the plug ins, and also a little hesitant because you spend money on these things and sometimes they don't always smell. But... this one you can literally smell from the opposite side of the house (sorry family). So, basically every time I open up my door I'm reminded of everything Florida does not have to offer (oops, harsh).

Next; Fall. Nails. Nothing says you're more prepared for fall than having your nails painted in the latest fall color. Which by the way, according to Pantone, most of the fall colors this year are in the blue family with red tones and "spicy mustard". But to me, if you don't stay on nail "trend" that often, you stick to what you know. And that is wine. Every fall season I like to have a merlot color base and maybe an accent of some sort. Merlot is warm, and welcoming and it's not as harsh as red is. Having an accent color added to at least one of your nails is fun and inviting, and it shows you like to color outside the lines sometimes. Currently, I have "wine not" from Sally Hansen on. I tend to purchase a lot from Sally Hansen, really for the price and quality. I use my hands a lot at work and I need a strong polish to really hold up and not chip on me constantly.

And last on this list; Outfit choices. Now right now, it's still currently 85 degrees on a cool day. (Yes, that's actually cool for us, take it easy) It's not all glamours living in florida this time of year, while the other parts of the country are enjoying picture opportunities in Pumpkin patches and layered "OOTD" photo ops, we are still down here, sweating our butts off. Therefor, picking your outfit of the day to "match" the season can get a little tricky. Even though we are not breaking out our jackets yet (don't worry, that'll come in December when it's a whopping 75 degrees) our clothing stores have been selling sweaters and heavy product for the past month. I would know, I've been selling them to people! The key is to pick light weight items but follow the color pallet. Stick to your burgundy's, mustards, browns, navy's and grays. I try and mix it up a little too, I'll wear long sleeves with shorts, or short sleeves with long pants and boots to top the "Fall" look off. No jackets required! Sometimes, I'll tie my sweater around my waist to really get into the Fall mood. (I bring out my inner 90's child when I do that)

If you live somewhere where Fall doesn't necessarily exist, what do you do? What are your secrets for enjoying a season you can't really enjoy? Feel free to leave a comment below. Also don't forget to subscribe via email located on the right hand side!